Give her pleasure

How to satisfy your woman?

There isn’t a man alive today that hasn’t wondered can I do more, am I doing it right, has she come, did she like it, does she want more, does she was me to stop, is it too hard, the list goes on…

It is fact that some women don’t know how to orgasm, while others need a little more than a whisper in order to reach orgasmic heights.

Anyway, we thought it was about time that there was a website about how to pleasure your woman that told it like it is in plain English.

Let’s get started first of all we want to share with you how you can manipulate her vagina until she ejaculates all over you – yes women can ejaculate too!

Female ejaculation is expelled from the urethra, the same place where urine comes from, but this liquid is clear and is released from the Skene’s glands. However if your woman does not have complete control over her PC muscle she may actually pee on you!

If this happens  just brush it off – literally! It’s very normal for her to feel as though she’s about to urinate when she’s about to ejaculate. If she tries to hold it in, she won’t ejaculate. Eventually she’ll learn the difference between the sensations so guys practice makes perfect!

Make her ejaculate with her fingers

Using your fingers to stimulate the clitoris is very effective, of course we are not teaching you how to suck eggs (although we might do later) but it is important to you get your girl well lubed before inserting your fingers inside through foreplay. Once she begins to get excited, insert two fingers inside her vagina, with your palm facing up.

About an inch or two inside the vagina you will hit a round ball of skin this is the G-spot. Keep stroking the area with pressure adding to the momentum. As she begins to orgasm she may tell you she feels like she’s going to urinate. Reassure her this is not the case and tell her to let go. As she begins to orgasm and starts to ejaculate prepare yourself for a light gushing liquid or a drenching spray.

After ejaculation some women’s vagina are very sensitive think of the head of your penis after you ejaculate so make sure she is up for seconds before you dive back in. more…

Keeping it up

Achieving the almighty squirt may not be as simple as described above it may take some experimentation, persuasion and different positions.

There are women who can ejaculate through sex alone, however some women need some help and you can always call on a vibrator to help your woman get in touch with her juicier side. more…

Keep on stimulating

Every woman has the ability to reach incredible heights of orgasm. It’s up to you to convince her to let go of her inhibitions and make her ejaculate all over you. See our top sex toys as rated by our experts. more…

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