To get your woman in the mood going down town and licking her clitoris will certainly get her feeling aroused and get those juices flowing. However you may want to try stimulating other parts of her body while you head inside.

For example, have her lie down on the bed, face up, and kneel next to her (your body should be facing her belly button). While your fingers are stimulating her G-spot, use your other hand and your mouth to manipulate her nipples.

Some women don’t take much warming up before they are feeling aroused but others need a little assistance. Using lubrication during foreplay can boost women’s pleasure experience ten-fold. Push the top down once to pump some lube into your hand and gently rub your fingers around her vagina until you can easily slide two fingers inside her.

There are a number of lubricants designed to enhance  the sexual experience from flavoured, warming and cooling. Warming lubricants when you blow or rub on it will create heat whilst cooling ones give off a cooling, tingling sensation. This enhances your woman’s sensations as your fingers move  inside her and stroke her G-spot getting ready for that almighty orgasm.

Here are our favourite lubes as rated by our experts.

Durex Play Tingle

Durex Play Tingle

Durex Play Tingle 50ml  price £3.99 from Lovehoney

Play Tingle lube by Durex is specially formulated for a maximum tingling effect! It contains a unique blend of ingredients that warm, cool and tingle whilst being gentle on your intimate areas. It doesn’t contain menthol and is fragrance free.



Durex Play Warming

Durex Play Warming

Durex Play Warming 50ml price £3.99 from Lovehoney

Looking to heat things up a little? Play Warming lube contains a special ingredient which warms the skin on contact so you not only feel fabulous slippery sensations, but also gentle warmth wherever you choose to apply. Here’s an extra tip; blow gently to enhance the warming action and make the sensation even more deliciously intense.


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